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Industrial dismantling

Special competencies are required for complex dismantling of industrial production facilities and fast demolition of rare structures such as parts of power plants or steel bridges. For such tasks occupational safety is a factor of high relevance.

At Schaufler we are not only qualified to professionally carry out such tasks, we also offer complete solutions in this field.

Our customers benefit twice: the value of the dismantled metal is offset against demolition costs – i.e. in some cases dismantling will be free of charge or part of the cost may even be reimbursed if the price of the metal is higher than the demolition costs.

Our reference projects

Power plant EWS, Wien Simmering

Brewery Brau AG, Wieselburg 

Railway bridge, Linz

High-voltage plant APG

We recycle for the future and offer customized solutions. 
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